Thanks for checking us out and seeing what makes us tick.

This is just a little insight on what we do and why we want to share our love of fresh, simple food.

We are not native to this land but both fell in love with it the day we arrived (even though it was raining). We arrived in Canada on the same day, at the same hostel, and had breakfast at the same table. Well the rest is fun and laughter and almost 7 years later we're still here living our version of the dream.


Donne is from South Africa, with a solid base in Perth Australia, and Rory was born in the USA to British parents, who has ties to the Uk. We both travel a lot(together and sometimes not) and that is a factor into our daily decision making.

Rory travelled and worked through out South east Asia for quite a few years and the food has had a major influence on his pallet and love of everything spicy. Donne was a little timid on the spice but has grown to love it.

We have both worked as Chefs in many different restaurants and also Private yachts around the world including France, Austria, Malaysia, Australia, and here in Whistler as Head Chef and Sous Chefs.

We found that street food is always so good and incredibly simple, and makes us nostalgic every time we have it again. So we started the Rockin Wok, we hope that it bring back some memories for some, maybe inspires others and at the least they will have some damn fine noodles in their bellies.

We love to chat, whether it be food, travels, sports or just a good ol chin wag, so please stop by and say hi.

Donné and Rory (that's us)

Hi everyone,
just a little about us, our thoughts,
ideas and inspirations. 

The rockin wok

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